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Symptoms experienced at LOW sugar only


4:39 pm
October 17, 2011


posts 98

You can feel fatigued and foggy and both low and high sugars, but here are some symptoms I experience only at low sugar (this is nice to know if you're new to the game or out and about without a refractometer):


The need to pee – this is supposed to be the number one most common thing.

Ice water in veins – I feel like I have ice water flowing through me.  It's a strange and distinct feeling.  Others get cold hands/feet.

Feeling light – I seem to feel better overall when my sugar is low compared to high.

Blurred vision – has only happened to me once, when sugars went to 0, basically.

The feeling that I might make bad decisions – when sugar is 0.5 or lower.

The feeling that I might get in an accident if I need to drive – again at pretty low sugar.

Inability to taste sweet – when sugar dropped to almost 0.

Shakiness – this usually happens as sugar recovers.


On the flip side, for me a sign that sugars have gone to 4 or higher is feeling flushed in the face and hot overall.


I am ALWAYS tired and foggy overall, so those mean nothing to me!


What have other people noticed?

5:05 pm
October 17, 2011


posts 101

It's actually recommended not to drive when your sugar is low due to the risk of getting into an accident.


When I first started RBTI a month ago, I would get really cold and have to lie down whenever my sugar went below 1.0. But now sometimes it hits 0.5 and I don't even feel any different.


That's really interesting that you get the inability to taste sweet. Sweet foods taste bad to me, and supposedly that's somewhat common among low-sugar people.

6:24 pm
October 17, 2011


posts 98

Yeah, I know about the no driving rule.  The reason I included that symptom is because there have been many times in my life when I've felt like I shouldn't be driving – without really knowing why – and now I do!  So it's not just that I'm blonde (teehee).

10:03 pm
October 17, 2011


posts 255

hawaiigirl said:

The need to pee – this is supposed to be the number one most common thing.

What have other people noticed?

The only symptom I have is the need to pee. Even when my sugar goes down to 0.5, I don't have any other symptoms. Also, I've never gone lower than 0.5

2:26 pm
October 19, 2011


posts 1

Yep, peeing.  And ditto the feeling of lightness-kind of like hungry, empty stomach feeling–but it's not empty.  A little cold.

When driving it feels like you have to hyper-focus, not only with eyesight, but attentiveness. 

Nervousness  and it's hard to focus. 

I haven't had the refractometer long, so far I haven't seen my number below .7.  I haven't seen it higher than 4.5 yet either.

3:02 am
October 24, 2011


posts 98

When driving it feels like you have to hyper-focus, not only with eyesight, but attentiveness. 

Yes!  Like it's impossible to be aware of all the hazards around you.  That's when I'm more likely to, say, sideswipe a fence, because I was worried about the car next to me, and I couldn't pay attention to both at once…

8:36 am
October 24, 2011


posts 20

While I don't particularly notice symptoms when my sugar is dropping other than the insatiable urge to pee, I have noted that after it falls and starts coming back up I get hot and irritable. I sweat with very little provocation or activity at that point, and all I can think about is getting cool. Don't know if it is hormones or the elevating sugars, but either way there seems to be a correlation with the sugars.

4:46 pm
October 24, 2011

Sam D

posts 13

I get cold to the bone as my sugars get lower and lower, just can't get warm no matter what, and get super cold hands and feet.  And my eczema immediately gets red and angry as I get colder.  And the peeing thing too of course.  Conversely, I get an odd sort of need-to-pee sensation when my sugars are high too, but it's different, i.e. i don't feel like my bladder is full, it's almost a urinary tract infection kind of feeling.  And if i do go to pee it's kind of hot and burny, but there's hardly anything to pee.  TMI there maybe… sorry.  With high sugar I get too warm and sweaty if I move around.

I am completely unable to concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds with low sugar, like if I'm trying to read I have to keep reading the same paragraph over and over because I just can't stick with it.

Seems there are some definite common themes with both low and high sugars, huh.

4:55 pm
October 31, 2011


posts 2


When my sugar is dropping and I'm working, I have trouble with small motor movements like typing or moving my mouse. When I start typing gibberish, I know that I better check my sugar.

I also have a feeling of anxiety and my breathing is shallow.

Often when it's dropping quickly like 3 points in less than 30 minutes, the low sugar doesn't show up on the refractometer until about 10 minutes later. For instance, yesterday when I was using brown rice syrup, I could tell I was dropping fast.  I tested it immediately at 8:00 and it was still 1.6.  Although the number was in the good zone, I knew I was dropping quickly, so I had some apple and 2 oz of apricot juice anyway. Ten minutes later I was at .4 and took my teaspoon of sugar.


8:28 pm
November 15, 2011


posts 13



For me, when my brix reading is low, the urge to go pee is pretty intense – and the pee color is practically white.  Also, my hands and feet are cold.  But then again, I seem to have cold hands and feet quite often, so it may not be because of low brix Embarassed  Prior to RBTI though, I sometimes experienced extreme fatigue towards the late afternoon and if I happened to be driving home, sometimes I felt like I couldn't keep my hands on the wheel.  I haven't noticed this feeling lately, so I guess things are improving!

Oh, regarding how low the brix can get.  Twice, I got zero!!  (so Hawaiigirl – you're not alone!) this scared the heck out of me and I of course ingested spoonful of sugar immediately and drank some concentrated juice.  But, in all honesty, at both of those times, I didn't really feel all that badly (I think it was the weekend and I wasn't going anywhere and was more relaxed).  It probably happened to me before, I just didn't know it since I didn't own a refractometer until now.  I heard that every time your brix gets down to 0.8 or below (or was it 1.0 or below?), it takes 6 days to recover.  If my tendency to crash like this happen often, It'll take me eons to make any kind of head way!

I am thankful for this website so we can compare notes and help each other out (again, thanks to Tran for setting this up!!)